Posted: October 10, 2011 in Nutrition


Do you want to know how to gain fat free mass fast? Check out these articles.

By: Steve Milner

Do you want to know how to gain fat free mass fast, gain 30 pounds on your bench, get massive guns, wheels of steel, (you mean legs), how about those rock hard abs, heard all this before? Well there’s good reason, literally millions of people all over the world doing it every day, successfully.

I’m going to try to explain things in plain English and I’ll try to keep the science simple as well, most medical references are dead easy to work out anyway, a “strap muscle” looks like a strap, a pennant muscle looks like a pennant (like a triangular golf flag) and guess what a “ball and socket joint” looks like a ball and socket!

SECRET #1 How muscles grow

In order to understand muscle growth it helps to know a little about how muscles contract. So imagine for me if you will a river, on the river are thousands of row boats, like the ones in the Thames boat race, long, thin, lots of oarsmen and most important lots of oars. Okay? Now notice how half the boats are facing up the river and half down the river, and they fill the river across from bank to bank. This is our muscle and if you look inside muscle cells you find the moving parts (the sarcomeres), look a lot like row boats, like the ones in the Thames boat race, long, thin, lots of oarsmen and lots of oars. Now when you shout “row” most of the oarsmen start rowing as hard as they can and the oars lock together and pull the boats toward each other, and as more start to join in they slide over and around each other. The “bunched” up boats don’t stretch up and down the river as far now as they did and they push up against the river banks making them bulge slightly!

So we know how a muscle contracts but how does it grow?

Most muscles, with some exceptions like the heart and the tongue, are attached to something in more than one place, biceps = twice, triceps = thrice. The attachment where a muscle starts is called the origin and attachments where a muscles end are called insertions and insertions move towards origins when muscles contract. When you curl a very heavy dumbbell you “attach” resistance to one end of the muscle and when it contracts those little boats row and they row so hard the oars snap off and kill all the oarsmen, and it hurts like hell. Oh dear, what a shame, never mind. You see if you eat and sleep and rest properly more boats will be built to replace the ones that were lost, and get this,  extra row boats will be built just in case you go curling very heavy dumbbells again. Wow, your muscle is now growing, question is how do you keep it growing and stay healthy, not easy mate, not easy at all. Read on.

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