Posted: October 15, 2011 in Nutrition


By: Steve Milner

What is fat? Among other things fat is an energy source three times richer than carbohydrate and protein and it’s also where you’re body stores some of its toxic waste. Surprisingly our fat cell count is the same whether we are fat or thin, so when we get fat, we don’t get more fat cells, we get bigger fat cells. Fat is mainly water and the fatter you are the more water you carry (hey, camel boy…); you can read more about Hydration in my other articles. Different fat compositions are deposited in different places around your body for different reasons. For instance, fat is an insulator it stops us cooling down too fast, it serves as padding both around and inside all of our major organs, it cushions and supports our joints and just for a laugh it helps you float, which is why when you go to the baths (active rest) you will see fat people gliding slowly and effortlessly up and down the pool all day long, which is nice for them. Here’s the secret bit, good bodybuilders know and accept that body fat is crucial to maximum effort, hydration, joint support, anabolic growth and recovery to name but a few. Through diet and exercise we can decide when and to what extent we use our essential fat deposits to our advantage and when to grow them and when to reduce them. When body building becomes an integral yet distinct part of your nature, being fat doesn’t happen to you anymore unless you want it to.

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