Me The Workout Maniac

This is me: Steven Milner VTCT.  IIST.  (not really a maniac at all, well…)
Age:46 Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer Dip., Member International Institute of Sports Therapists

I wasn’t into team sports when I was growing up, I didn’t like the idea of relying on other people to give their “all”. I was the one at school who seemed to be always fighting, but I was good at “field” events like javelin, discus and triple jump. Later I trained in martial arts and much, much later I got the body building bug and finally started to learn the value of team work. When it comes to physique development great personal trainers are worth their weight in gold (that’s a fact), but when it comes to serious bodybuilding; committed training partners are like diamonds (and that’s an undisputed fact). I love the bodybuilding process in all its shapes and sizes and I consider anyone who commits to serious resistance exercise a valued team member, just bear in mind it hurts sometimes.



I don’t really care about age, colour, religion or gender, terms like “man, men, mankind, he” are just appellations and generally refer to you and yours whoever you or yours happen to be. We don’t all share the same views here, so if you want someones personal opinion by all means ask, but please don’t assume. I will not be responsible for you unless we come to a professional understanding.

You are your own health and safety executive.
Much of the information presented here relies on you knowing the implications and consequences of your own actions and more importantly being in the right mental and physical condition to make gains without becoming unwell (not easy mate, not easy at all). Look I’m not trying to duck out here but life is like this: you may doubt what you hear, you may perhaps doubt what you see, but you can never doubt what you have done. The point is, are you doing everything you can to achieve your goals? I am talking about the basics here: nutrition, sleeping and training?