Some of my friends


Ripped or what?

Name: Scott Gledhill Age: 31  Gym  Owner: Ultimate Fitness GymBody building champion
Scott says  “Ultimate Fitness is owned and managed by me and is the end result of a childhood dream to have my own gym.
I began training at the early age of 10 with my father doing general exercises, judo and learning to box.From the day we got our first set of weights for our makeshift home gym, I became totally hooked on lifting weights and bodybuilding. As time went on my enthusiasm for boxing and judo had all but gone and any time after school or work as I got older was spent weight lifting. At the age of 15 I was able to start going to a proper gym with my father and by 17 I entered my first bodybuilding contest and won! This gave me the confidence to enter the Mr Britain contest which I did later in the year which I also won. During my competition days I began working for one of the leading sports nutrition companies in the world, CNP. CNP’s owner Kerry Kaye’s was also a champion bodybuilder and advisor to top athletes in a range of different sports…..people in the mainstream will know him for being Ricky Hatton’s nutritionist who helped Ricky shed the pounds that he is famous for putting on. My time under Kerry’s wing was invaluable; he also owns Betta Bodies Gym and these are the places where I learnt about nutrition, training and the day to day running of a gym.
I gave up competitive bodybuilding in 2001 and began mixing my training between weights, boxing and fitness in general. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the gym!” Scott Gledhill  b.10 May 1980

Name: Philip Sharkey. Age: 23. Professional Personal Trainer
Phil was a fight fan from being a kid and it got him in all the usual schoolboy trouble, he trained in martial arts, added weight lifting, added weight lifting and did I say he added weight lifting? Phil’s determination and natural aggression is contagious, well he is a professional personal trainer at a dead posh hotel, but the schoolboy antics are well behind him now.
Phil says: “Don’t chase your goals, be the best, and let your goals chase you…” did you really say that Phil? More hack squats for you I’m afraid.

Phil you almost have to have a mania to look this good!